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From the sellers place to the port

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Your car must make it's way from the sellers place to the port. Germany is not a very big country, but keep in mind that if you find a car in southern Germany, it might be up to 1.000 kilometres away from the port. You can use an auto transport truck or just drive it to the port yourself.

Once you have found the perfect car for you somewhere in Germany, it must be brought from the sellers place to the port. Ask the seller if he can arrange such transport.

If the value of car and shipping is above 3.000 Euro, a German customs inspection has to be performed before the car can be delivered to the free trading zone at the port. A special form is required, and the customs officers are given the opportunity to perform a physical inspection of the car (most of the time they don´t even want to see it, though). However, in any case, this customs form needs to be duly stamped by the authorities before the car can be delivered to the free trading zone of the port.

Ask the seller and the shipping agent if they can handle that for you! All goods which are exported to a country outside the European community require such a customs document, regardles if it is a car, machinery or any other goods

Find some information about German customs at the info page:

Delivery of your car to the roll on/roll off terminal at the port:
Since the end of 2006 the Hamburg ro/ro port terminal is always operating very full at it's capacity. That is due to increasing exports and to ships which fail to meet the schedule because of unforeseen repairs.
Sometimes the pier is full and the authorities close the gates for deliveries of export cars. Therefore, contact your shipping agents before you head for the port!
They have to book a space on the boat as well as a space at the pier. Every delivery to the port has to be arranged by the shipping agents, only they can register your car with the port authorities.

Do not take your car to the port without having an agreement of the shipping agent!

Load your car with useful things:

Used cars shipped to Africa are frequently filled with used goods such as tyres, used auto parts, used clothes and other usefull things. That is generally okay, but there are some restrictions for used cars which every exporter has to obey:
 - Do not overload the car.
 - Items loaded inside the car have to be fastened.
 - Keep the front seats clear.
 - The loaded car should not extend the permissible maximum weight.
 - Inform your shipping agent about every load, he will list it in the Bill of Lading.

Port authorities will not accept:
 - Cars with flat tyres, missig keys, defect brakes.
 - They don’t accept cars which are not in rolling condition or can not be steered     (keep that in mind when you buy cars that have been damaged in accidents).
  - Do not lock or weld the engine hood.

In case the authorities or harbour workers have to replace a flat tyre or have to open a welded bonnet they will charge you for that - and that is not cheap.


LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


Harbour police, customs or environment groups may inspect the pier and the cars. Make sure your car has no oil leaks and is not loaded with forbidden things like old refrigerators, old paint or chemicals. European countries have very strict environment laws.

If you are in Germany yourself and buy the car on your own, you might need a temporary licene plates. You are not allowed to drive a car here without registration or without plates. Every car which is in use on public roads need to be registrated and insured! Do not, under any circumstances, drive a car here without a valid registration! You’ll be in a hell of a trouble if you do!

Find some more information about how to insure and register a car: Click the button on the left “Temorary Plates”

Do not, under any circumstances, drive a car without a valid registration! You’ll be in a hell of a trouble if you do!

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