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Car Export to Africa: Mercedes Benz 190, Nissan Patrol , Toyota Hiace, RAV4, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Camry, C-class, van, minibus, Diesel. Ghana, Nigeria, Angola


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Used cars imported to Senegal shouldn’t be older than 5 years, minibuses not older than 8 years, trucks not older than 10 years.


The sea port for auto transport ships is Dakar.

You will need the following documents:


1. A commercial invoice, twofold. Should be in French language, showing the sellers name, the consignees name and address, a description of the car, the weight and all measurements, terms and conditions of the sale. It must be stamped and signed by the seller and must show the following clause: “Nous certifions que les marchandises dénommées dans cette facture sont de fabrication et de la République Féderale d’Allemagne et que les prix indiqués ci-dessus s’accordent avec les prix courants sur le marché d’exportation”

2. The Bill of Lading

3. The German car documents (title, Kraftfahrzeugbrief)



In January 2000, Senegal put into effect a new tariff scheme that conforms to the common external tariff (CET) scheme agreed on by member nations of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). Under this new tariff structure, Senegal has four simple tariff rate categories: 0% on cultural and scientific goods, agricultural inputs, and capital goods and computer equipment not available from local production; 5% on raw materials, crude oil, and cereals for industry; 10% on semi-finished products, intermediate goods, diesel and fuel oil; and 20% on consumer goods, capital goods and computer equipment available from local production, and vehicles. However, there also exists an array of other import tariffs, with a maximum combined rate of 52% and a value-added tax (VAT) of 18% applied to all imports.

In 1982, Senegal abolished its import licensing system, opening the market to all countries on an equal basis; previously, only products from the franc zone and the European Union could be imported without a license. Certain import restrictions exist on agricultural and industrial products that support the Senegalese economy.


Useful links and country profile:

Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

World Bank

Muslim Trade Network:

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LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


Please note: I’ll try to give you an overview of the export procedures, but the rules may change quick. Please ask your customs for the newsest terms and conditions before you order a car overseas.