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Postal Codes

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Every German internet ad for used cars will show a postal code. This will give you the information where in Germany the car is.


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LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


Please keep in mind that the German ports for seagoing vessels are in Hamburg and Bremerhaven. Both are in the northern part of Germany, thus, if you find a car in southern Germany (a rough orientation are the postal codes of the addresses) it could be located up to 1.000 kilometres away from where the ships depart. The transport from the seller to the port can be cost up to a couple of hundred Euros.


ZIP Codes: Postal codes and areas in Germany


00000 - 09999 = South East (cities: Dresden, Leipzig, Halle, Gera,...)

10000 - 19999 = North East (Berlin, Potsdam, Rostock Stralsund,...)

20000 - 29999 = North (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Flensburg, Kiel,...)

30000 - 39999 = Central (Hannover, Kassel, Göttingen, Fulda,...)

40000 - 49999 = West (Münster, Essen, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal...)

50000 - 59999 = West (Bonn, Köln, Mainz, Aachen, Hamm, Trier,...)

60000 - 69999 = West (Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Saarbrücken,...)

70000 - 79999 = South (Stuttgart, Tübingen, Heilbronn, Freiburg,...)

80000 - 89999 = South (München, Ulm, Augsburg, Ingolstadt,...)

90000 - 99999 = South ( Nürnberg, Würzburg, Erfurt, Passau,...)



Find also information about German ZIP codes here: