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Marine Insurance

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If your car cruises arround the world over rough oceans, you better have it insured.


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Marine insurance: Is a freight insurance covering the value of the freight. Your car can be insured for the duration of the transport. I always recommend this to my clients. Because a container could fall down during loading/unloading or something on board the ship could go wrong. . .

A ”full cover” marine insurance costs approx. 1,5 % of the car's value. The ”full cover” is the best you can get, but it does not cover small scratches or minor dents, rust or oxidation damages. My advice is to always ask what kind of damages and risks are covered.

For Ro/Ro shipment the insurance companies do not offer the ”full cover” insurance, their offer is limited to ”stranding cover”. This is also called ”total loss” insurance. They only pay when a total loss of the vehicle has occured. Dents, scratches, other damages or missing parts are not insured!

Most vehicles on these ro/ro vessels to Africa are not insured at all. Discuss this issue with your shipping agent when booking the shipment!

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LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


Please note: Brand-new cars and cars younger than 4 years can be transported on the “new car deck” of a ro/ro vessel. That cost more, but this deck is locked during the passage, every car is fastened to the deck and at the ports during loadig somebody will watch this deck. Ask your shipping agent for “high value shipment”. 

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