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Most cheap and old cars have have poor options: No air-conditioner, no power windows, no alloy wheels no other fancy options.

Most German minibuses have 9 seats only. In African countries such buses of the same size have 12 or even 15 seats. That has to do with the rules of the German drivers licence. We are allowed to drive a car with max. 9 persons (the driver and eight passengers), for more people in a bus we need a special bus drivers licence.

Used cars in white or red colour are not very much wanted over here, they are slow selling. If you want one you should try to negotiate the price.

If you buy a car with a broken engine or gearbox, or with an accident you should know that the transport cost are higher than for a car in running condition. The car has to be towed and loaded by a forklift. The shipping agent will charge you for that.

Shipping rates for SUV’s are higher than for passenger cars. Shipping agents call it “van size vehicle”.


Because of the wet and icy weather conditions older cars from Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland always have rust. Much rust! Sometimes even big holes in the frames.

Toyota is the most wanted brand by buyers from African countries. It is always a real hunt for a Corolla, Camry, RAV or Landcruiser. That will keep the prices high.

Vans with a high roof have to be transported on the truck deck of the ship. That is much more expensive. The decks for passenger cars are 2,30 m sometimes 2,40 m high. If your vehicle is higher than 2.30 m you should speak to your shipping agent first.

Cars not older than 4 years can be transported on the “high value deck”. That cost more, but it is very safe.

LHD only ! You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


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LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.