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Having the car at your country

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When the ship arrives and your car is landed at the port.

As soon as the ship arrives at your port you should be ready to pick up you car at the port authorities or at the agents place. It is not wise to leave a car unattended in African ports. Be quick.

1. Every country has it own rules for incoming goods. The customs might want to inspect your car and the car documents. They might charge you an import tax. Have all documents ready: Bill of Lading, car document (title), invoice. Some countries have high taxes for imported goods, some have penalty charges for overaged cars. Find out all about the import procedures, restrictions, duties, fees and taxes before buying a vehicle in Europe.

2. Shipping lines have agents in every port they serve. The German shipping agent arranging the transport will provide you with the name, address and phone no. of the agency in your port. Contact this agency in time, they are well informed about the shipment and will hand over the car to you later. This agency is also in contact with the capitain of the ship and will let you know of delays and loading times.
When asking the agents for details of your shipment they need to know the ships name and the last six digits of you cars chassis no. (VIN). Cars are registered under this number for the transport.
When you go to pick up the car you need to hand over the Bill of Lading (BL) to the agent. He will not release a car without having the original of the BL.

3. If you live far away from the port you might need a clearing agent who has an office near the harbour area and can handle the import procedure for your car. Such clearing agents are experts for importing goods. You need to provide them with all documents and perhaps a power of attorney. Ask your shipping agent if he can recommend such a clearing agent.

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LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.