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IMPORTANT NEWS  September 2010


Cars older than three (3) years and trucks older than five (5) years can’t be imported to Angola !!!

Information about Angola:


Business with Angola:


Shipping to Angola:

There are two ports for ro/ro shipments in Angola: Luanda and Lobito. The Angolan authorities decided by begin on 2010 that brand-new cars can be shipped to Luanda and all used cars must be discharged in Lobito. But in summer 2010 many used cars have been still discharged at the Luanda port as well.

A German seller can book the shipment of a used car to Luanda and it will be discharged at the Lobito port. That happens. It seems nobody know the rules and for a buyer it is a risk because Lobito is about 600 kilometres south of Luanda.



Ships to Angola go about twice a month, the duration of the shipment is about three weeks.

Imported cars are often vandalized at Angolan ports. Things get damaged or stolen. The seller should hide spare keys, and valuable things well. The buyer or his agent should be at the port when the ship arrives to get the car out of the port area immediately.



Goods for Angola need to be inspected by a testing organization - This is called pre-shipment inspection, the inspection certificate is called “Clean Report of Findings”

Every Angolan buyer of a used car has to apply for a PIP number, after that an inspector will have a look at the car at the sellers premises in Europe.

The German seller of the car has to issue a pro-forma invoice first, this will be needed in Angola to get the PIP number. Such pro-forma invoice should show:
Name and address of the seller
The name and address of the buyer
A description of the car including the Chassis number (VIN)
The date of production.
The country of origin, the shipping terms
All costs: The FOB price, the seafreight, the insurance charges, all other charges, a final price.

After the buyer has the PIP number the inspection organization will contact the seller. He will receive some questionnaires to fill out and after that an inspector will come to see the car and to take some pictures of it. All that will take some days or even some weeks.

Right after that inspection seller can bring the car to the port and arrange the shipment. Later he has to send a copy of the B/L (Bill of Lading) and a copy of the final invoice to the testing organization.


Angola is the only African country for which a pre-shipment inspection is required on used cars. It makes dealing with Angola difficult, some German sellers even refuse to deal with Angolan clients because it cost so much time and is a lot of office work.

Such pre-shipment inspection cost money and the buyer in Angola has to pay for it.



LHD only !
You should know that all used cars from Germany have left hand steering. You won’t find any RHD vehicles on the German market.


Inspection companies:

Bureau Veritas Angola:
Rua Joao de Barros, no. 56
Bairro das Ingombotas - LUANDA
Phone: + 244 222 311 568
Fax: + 244 222 311 009


Head Office Luanda  Rua da liberdade no. 94
Vila Alice
CP 3994  Luanda
Phone: +244 22 2 264070 / 261352
Fax: +244 22 2 261200


Rua Kima Kienda / Estrada da Boavista, 106
Tel: +224 226 430056 or +224 226 430058
Fax: +224 226 430042


Angola customs information: